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Sunday, October 22, 2017
Life Changing!

Light Your Hope - A Listener Testimony

Distributing Crosses in Dothan

The Jennings (right) are turning tragedy into triumph by sharing the hope of Christ in the Dothan area.
     In 2014, while preparing to move to Dothan from North Carolina, Jonathan and Courtney Jennings began praying that the Lord would guide them to a hands-on ministry opportunity in their new city. With a young daughter and a son on the way, they wanted something their family could be passionate about and deeply invested in. Just days before their move, they learned the tragic news that their son had a rare medical condition and likely would not survive birth. Their devastation mixed with anxious thoughts about the unknown and unfamiliarity of a new town. Through the difficult months leading up to Joshua’s birth, the Lord filled the Jennings family with unimaginable joy and blessed them immeasurably. “Out of no strength of our own, we discovered the true meaning of hope - in trusting in someone or something unseen - and we leaned on this hope day by day.”
Shortly after Joshua’s birth, the Jennings heard of Faith Radio’s desire to expand the Christmas cross ministry in Dothan and knew that it was the ministry opportunity for which they had prayed. They also saw it as an opportunity to honor their son and give back to a community who had shown love to them in their time of deep need. They started a new Dothan tradition that they call “Light Your Hope,” distributing Faith Radio crosses during a season that reminds us of a newborn King whose death on the cross brought LIFE, allowing eternal peace and joy to all who trust in Him.
The Jennings want to pass along Christ’s love as it has been shared with them. Their prayer is that the cross tradition continues to grow and reminds others of the internal and eternal HOPE to celebrate life over death and pain and spread the good news to all parts of their city.