Faith Radio
Friday, November 24, 2017
Life Changing!

New Investments in Our Haiti Technology

Faith Radio has been blessed to partner with 4VEH Radio in Cap Haitien, Haiti, for a number of years. Recently, we reinvested in our delivery technology for our satellite feed. While very few members of the population in Haiti speak or understand English, we have a remarkable impact on those who do.
Faith Radio's broadcast in Haiti provides tremendous encouragement to the growing number of missionaries serving there. Steve and Melissa Gross from Indiana (right) are serving as teachers at the OMS International School. Melissa shared, “I am listening mostly for praise music but sometimes I catch a sermon or other show that I find encouraging. It's a little window to the States for me. I hope you all can keep broadcasting it for us.”  
Leony (left) is a young Haitian lady who listens to Faith Radio in Cap Haitien. She shared, “Faith Radio helps me with English pronunciation... when I started listening to it, my English kept improving. I like hearing about social issues such as marriage, abortion, 
families, and relationships. I like the music and the preaching. My favorite preacher is Charles Swindoll.”
    The English teachers in the area encourage their students to tune in. Kate Michel, marketing and communications director at 4VEH Radio said, “Young people tune in to Faith Radio on 94.7 FM/Horizon/4VEH station. Not only do they get to improve their English as they listen, but they hear eternal truth and hope in the message of the Gospel. We love partnering with Faith Radio to help meet this need in Cap Haitien!”