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Layton, Pat - A Surrendered Life | February 6, 2013

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Posted 2 days ago by robinjack
In the 1980s the Regular Education Initiative (REI) came into being. This was an attempt to return responsibility for the education of students with disabilities to neighborhood schools and regular classroom teachers. I am very familiar with Regular Education Initiative because I spent four years as an REI teacher in the late 1990s and early 2000s. At this time I was certified as both a special education teacher and a regular education teacher and was working in both capacities in a duel role as an REI teacher; because that's what was required of the position. buy steroids
Posted 2 days ago by robinjack
Teachers gain Pedagogical Content Knowledge from various sources. Friedrichsen, Abell, Pareja, Brown, Lankford and Volkmann (2009) distinguished three potential sources of Pedagogical Content Knowledge. They listed the sources as professional development programs, teaching experiences and lastly teachers' own learning experiences. During their days as students in teacher education programs, teachers are assisted in variety ways to gain Pedagogical Content Knowledge. For examples, during practice, they learn how to put the pedagogical skills they learnt. buy steroids online
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Pat Layton, the founder of the Life Impact Network and author of "A Surrendered Life: Finding Freedom, Healing and Hope After Abortion", shared her own unique story of healing after abortion, and discussed some of the concepts included in the book. The website is