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Saturday, June 06, 2020
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Koukl, Greg - Stand to Reason {The Story of Reality} | April 13, 2017

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Posted 3 months ago by JohnPSmith
This audio about the Stand to Reason from Koukl, Greg is very informative and people cannot find such information from anywhere else. Doing the proofreading of this quality is really very hard for everyone.
Posted 25 days ago by Anonymous
We did now not come in worldwide to gobble up meals, listening tune and doing all of the ones games practices which make us fulfilled. You can play games based on chance for your fun. We showed up directly here on this planet to cherish the God who sent us and mentioned us to do adore really and like to his appearances.
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Greg Koukl, founder and president of the apologetics ministry Stand to Reason, discussed some of the Biblical concepts he relates in the book, "The Story of Reality." He also discussed the reTHINK Apologetics Student Conference in Birmingham at Briarwood Presbyterian Church 4/21-22/2017. Learn more at